Mission Statement

The mission of McMillan Magnet Center is to academically challenge students and to promote student ownership of learning in a safe, diverse and respectful environment.

Vision Statement

The vision of McMillan Magnet is to:
 .  .
 • Collaborate with school, family and community-based partners.
 • Provide an innovative, project-based, cross-curricular school setting.
 • Integrate components of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math through Project Lead the Way (PLTW).


Omaha Public Schools

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

McMillan Magnet Middle School

Download the full plan here: https://mcmillan.ops.org/Portals/0/Documents/2016documents/2016-2017%20SCHOOL%20IMPROVEMENT%20GOALS.pdf

Growth Goals

Goal #1 Reading: All students will increase their overall engagement in Reading for academic and reading for pleasure; All students will strengthen their skills in Main Ideas and Story Details/Inferences and Drawing Conclusions.

• Silent Sustained Reading in Pride Time and development of an incentive program
• Cross curricular common language poster and reference sheet,
• Summary Writing using IVF and I Charts
• OneDrive repository of Reading strategies
• March Madness competition for NeSA preparation possibly in Social Studies class
• Lesson plan checks for common curricular language and higher level questioning
• Teachers will increase their vocabulary focus by using the following:
• Six step vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots, Prefixes and suffixes,
                  Synonyms and antonyms, 
Vocabulary notebooks, and Frayer Models

Goal #2 Math:
All students will improve Number Sense, Data and Probability.

• Math in the content areas and cross curricular common language and daily
  content area connections
• Creation of “Making Math Count”, a Math course which targets students who
           are plus/minus five points within proficient status
• Daily Math review through brain breaks
• Daily Math review through Math bell work across all curricular areas
• Each curricular area teacher will guide students in determining the mean, median,
          and mode for each summative assessment
• Infusion of Technology through Apps, Computer Software, and iPads
• Lesson plan checks for common curricular language and higher level questioning

Goal #3 Writing: All students will improve Ideas/Content and Voice and Word Choice

• Writing strategies foldable inserted into student agenda (content taught in the first
           eight weeks of the first quarter)
• Staff training and implementation of Step Up to Writing (major focus in 6th grade)
• Content area use of the Writing Rubric in Assignment Notebook/Agenda
• Utilization of RAFT Writing in Language Arts and Social Studies
• Utilization of IVF, Cornell Notes, and free writing across content areas
• March Madness competition for NeSA preparation possibly in Social Studies class;
• Lesson plan checks for common curricular language and higher level

Goal #4 MTSSB/School Culture: Students will increase respect for the learning environment and common areas; students will improve respect for self and others; staff will increase the effectiveness of collaboration and teamwork in order to improve student achievement and positive building culture.

• Development and implementation of McMillan Behavior Rubric (MBR)
• Development and implementation of Student Incentive Program as assessed
          by the MBR
• Training and implementation of Mindfulness strategies

o Mindfulness practice for students and staff during the first and last hour
   of the school day
o Staff book study, Teach, Breathe, Learn by Meena Srinivasan

• Training and implementation of strategies found in 7 Habits of Highly Effective
           People by Steven Covey

McMillan's Magnet School Improvement Plan for 2014-2015
Download the full plan here: 

McMillan's Magnet School Improvement Plan for 2019-2020 
Currently in planning and review stage - plan rollout expected in fall of 2019



School Improvement Plan - Breakdown Chart