McMillan's Home Precinct


4316 N 30 St

Phone # 444-3751

Fax # 444-4371 / 5648

Non Emergency # 444-6916

(Front desk not manned 24/7)

Guide for Parents


The school's reunification location is Belvedere Elementary School

The Crisis Team along with assigned staff, are directed by the principal or designee to begin movement of students to the evacuation site.  When needed, bussing arrangements should be coordinated with the Business Service Department at  557-2000.

If appropriate, secure an area for arriving students.  An accounting of all students should be verified, in addition to any previous one.

Make critical district contacts, specifically the Superintendent and the Public Information.  Information should be quickly given to the media to divert parents to the reunification location (evacuation site).

Provisions should be made for an influx of automobile traffic. Additional police and district staff may be necessary to assist with traffic control. Contact your police precinct.

In the case of police involvement and investigation, release students to parents only after police authorization has been obtained.

Only release students to authorized persons using a sign out procedure.

Provide for necessities such as food, water and restroom facilities.

Crisis Team

Principal Dr. Monica Green
Asst. Principal Kimberly Langford
Asst. Principal   Curtis Weber
Dean of Students  Sarah Castanos, Kala Peyton
Secretary  Sharon Block
Counselor  ---
Nurse  Nichole Bonacci-Johnson
Engineer  Bob Chapman
SRO  Doug Valentine
Security  ---
Teacher  Rose Parfitt
Teacher  Liz Figueroa
Teacher  Travis Jelken
Teacher  Cheryl Tschetter
Teacher  Sarah Castanos
Teacher  ----
Parent/Community Representative  Keri Emery