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2005 Math Test

1.  Emily's team won their hockey game 6-4.  If Emily scored two hat tricks, and a hat trick is worth three points, what percent of her team's goals did she score?

2.  At the first store in the mall, Jimmy spent half of his money.  At the second store, Jimmy spent half of his remaining money, plus six dollars.  Jimmy was left with two dollars.  How much money did he start with?

3.  Simplify the expression:  (42 · 3) + 4² - 2 + 66

4.  Find the 10th number in the pattern: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8...

5.  Two hundred forty-five fifth graders came to see McMillan's latest drama production.  If McMillan's auditorium has 500 seats, what percent of the seats are filled with fifth graders?

 6.  Find the sum of 4! + 3! + 2!

 7.  Victoria has 12 blue marbles, 3 white marbles, 20 green marbles, and 10 black marbles, all mixed in a jar.  If she draws out one marble at random, what is the probability that Victoria will get a black marble? (in lowest terms)

 8.  Walter, Tyler, Lewis, and John are in a race.  Tyler is neither last nor first.  John finished before Lewis, but after Walter.  Who is finished first, and who finished last?

 9. What is the value of x if 3x + 16 = 4x - 10?

 10.  Lily needs to grab her Orchestra folder from the cabinet, but she sprayed NaCl in her eyes in science.  The cabinet has 25 slots, of which the last five are unused.  If Lily is a first violin, and there are four first violins in Orchestra (including Lily), what is the probability (in lowest terms) that she gets a folder that belongs to someone who plays the same part as she does, or her own folder?

 11.  Simplify the expression:  3 + 5² + (3+4)² + 18

 12. Solve for x:  x+9   =  32

                          18          2
13.  Nine centimeters is equivalent to how many meters?

14.  What is the LCM of 288 and 264?

15.  Sarah has two purple lollipops, three red lollipops, four red pieces of bubblegum, and eight green pieces of bubblegum.  If Sarah puts all the candy in a bag, what is the probability of her selecting one red piece of candy?

16.  Mr. Reimer is averaging Katie's test grades.  Katie has scored 82%, 96%, and 70%.  In Mr.Reimer's class, 93%-100% earns an A, 85%-92% earns a B, and 78%-84% earns a C.  What grade has Katie earned?

17.  Find the mode of the following numbers:  7, 21, 361, 3, 2, 19, 100, 17

18.  Find the sum:  (3x² + 2x + 3) + (2x² + x + 9)

19.  Solve:  3 3/4 · 4/5

20. What is the sum of the first 20 prime numbers?

21.  Jesse has an average grade of 82%.  What grade would he need to get on the next test to raise his average to exactly 85%?

22. 782 people attended a concert at the QwestCenter.  A reporter rounded the attendance to the nearest hundred.  What number did he report?

23.  What is the difference in the area of a square with sides 2ft and a circle with radius 1ft?

24.  Marissa is stacking cubes.  The first stack has 4 cubes, the second stack has 7 cubes, the third stack has 10 cubes, and the fourth stack has 13 cubes.  If she continues using the same pattern, how many more cubes will she need to complete two additional stacks?

25.  Five students in Ms. Tschetter's Algebra class received test scores of:  93.1, 90.9, 93.4, 98.4, and 90.7.  Find the mean of these scores.

26.  If 1.4 lbs. of jellybeans cost $4.06, what is the cost per pound?

27.  14-inch tall boxes are being stacked next to 18-inch tall boxes.  What is the shortest height at which the stacks will have the same height?

28. A carton is packed with 24 cans of pop that weigh 20 oz each.  What is the total weight of one carton in pounds?

29.  Steve works as a waiter.  He earned $25 in tips the first day, $35 the second day, $45 the third day, $40 the fourth day, and $35 the fifth day.  What was the average amount he earned per day he earned in tips?

30.  Evan walks his dog twice a day. How many times does he walk his dog in four years, including one leap year?

31.  Find the area of a right triangle with sides 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm.

32.  If a rocket takes 200 seconds to fuel, and 325 seconds to launch, how many minutes and seconds does it take to fuel and launch?

33.  Solve the equation:  1,048,576 x = 4,194,304

34.  Solve the equation:  x + 4 = 7x -2

35.  Write the standard form of: 8.4 · 10³.

36.  Write the fraction as a decimal:      7

37.  Solve for z:      z  = 3

                             500   4

38.  Eric earns $4.50 an hour.  If he works 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 weeks, will he have enough money to buy a computer that costs $1000?

39.  What is the median of Cameron's bowling scores?

          132, 124, 105, 107, 124, and 133?

 40.  What is the probability that Tre' will not roll a 3 or a 6 if rolling a fair die once?

41.  Chelsea has $50.  She goes to the mall and buys a purse and a t-shirt.  The t-shirt is half the price of the purse, including tax.  She then buys a soda for $1.19.  If she returns with only $3.81, how much did the purse cost?

42.  What is the number in the thousandths place in 213,526.0694?

43.  Evaluate 11³

44.  A 6-sided cube has 3 green sides, 1 red side, and 2 blue sides.  When rolled, what is the probability that the cube will land on a blue side?

45.  What is the volume of a rectangular prism with length of 7 units, width of 7 units, and height of 11 units?

46.  What is 36 · 1 ¾?

47.  In square inches, what is the area of a rectangle with width 1 ⅔ ft and length 20 in?

48.  How many seconds are there in 3 years (assume no year is a leap year)?

49.  How many computers are there at McMillan if there are 7 computer labs with 28 computers each, 16 classrooms with 12 computers each, and 54 addtional rooms with 1 computer each?

50.  Evaluate 10³ · 10²?

51.  In dollars and cents, how much money does Dominique have if she has 15 quarters, 9 dimes, 7 nickels, 8 quarters, and 54 pennies?

52.  Find the sum of the perimeters of the following:  a square with sides 8cm, a regular octagon with sides 6cm, a regular hexagon with sides 9cm, and a regular decagon with sides 4cm.

53.  What is the GCF of 108, 144, and 216?

54.  How much water will a rectangular swimming pool hold if the pool is 10 meters long, 8 meters wide, and 4 meters deep?

55.  Matt begins science class with 18 test tubes.  If he breaks 4, loans 8 to his lab partner, borrows 9 from the teacher, and melts 2/3 of his tubes in his experiment, how many test tubes does he have at the end of class?

56.  Simplify 72 ÷ 3² + 6  · 3 - 2.

57.  McMillan budgeted $4375 for new textbooks.  If each textbook costs $75, how many new textbooks can McMillan purchase?

58.  Sean bought a television that cost $599 and a DVD player that cost $149.  Sales tax came to $52.36.  Sean made a down payment of $200, and agreed to pay the rest in 12 equal monthly payments.  How much will each monthly payment total?

59.  Find the 10th number in the pattern:  0, 1, 3, 6,...

60.  Evaluate 14 + ( 3³ − 7 ) ¸ 4

Tie Breaker:  Estimate the number of years Ms.Colton has taught at McMillan added to her age, then multiplied by her classroom number.

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