Reasons to take PRIDE in McMillan


...To McMillan's 588 published authors! This writing project was sponsored by McMillan's Library, Language Arts classes, and a grant from the African American Acheivement Council.

...To Team Robocop - Weston Denman, Drew Dinsmore, Bryan Hackman, Mady Kenny, Rachael Kirschenmann, Matt McLaughlin, Josh Nord, Tyler Smith, Sche Spurlock, Jeffrey Volker, and Tyler Wolterman for earning the Past Presidents' Award (the Top Honor) at the Society of American Military Engineering Competition with the project "Tekbot Security System!" 

...To Team Slug Conveyers - Evan Berry, Trent Bostwick, Cal Butler, Matthew Dean, Max Honig, Garrett Howard, Lee Martin, Jacob Robinson, Wyatt Waskowiak, Jake Williams, and Preston Woodall for earning an Award of Distinction for their project "Simple Slug Conveyer" at the Society of American Military Engineers Competition!

...To Rachel Kirschenmann for placing 3rd at State History Day with her exhibit entitled "Ben Kuroki: Compromise to Face Conflict!"

...To the Science Olympiad Team for representing McMillan royally (placing 11th out of 22 teams) at the State Science Olympiad in Lincoln! Team Members are: Michael Blazek, Fred Cooperwood, Weston Denman, Asher Lewis, Austin Mead, Cha Moua, Nicholas Webster, Drew Dinsmore, Maddie Healey, Mady Kenny, Taylor Parkinson, Samantha Robb, Kaitlyn Tonack, Carlos Hernandez, and Wyatt Waskowiak.



Sci. Olympian

Sci. Olympian

 Mystery Architecture  1st  Maddie Healey  Asher Lewis
 Metric Mastery  5th  Drew Dinsmore  Cha Moua
 Balloon Launch Glider  5th  Asher Lewis  Cha Moua

...To Rachael Kirschenmann, Michelle Kiger, Lindi Walter, and Maggie Peterson for earning Honorable Mention (Top 10% of entries) in the 2008 NSTA/Toshiba Exploravision Competition with the project "Identification Bracelet!"

...To Nathan Kellogg for placing 5th in the Individual Math Competition at the Creighton Invitational!

...To Matthew Dean, Drew Dinsmore, Nathan Kellogg, Doug Rowan, Austin Schmidt, and Giselle Tran for placing 3rd as a team at the Creighton Prep Math Invitational!

...To Samantha Robb and Kaitlyn Tonack for earning Honorable Mention (Top 10% of entries) in the 2008 NSTA/Toshiba Exploravision Competition with the project "Handheld MRI Scanner!"


...To the Wrestling Team for a strong showing at the McMillan Invite!


Wt Class

Student Name

3rd 78 lbs. Devonte Curtis
3rd 85 lbs. Kai John Henry
1st 90 lbs. Ronald Wells
2nd 95 lbs. Jacob Wilcoxen
1st 104 lbs. Jordan Hammond
1st 108 lbs. Brian Hanzlik-Stuart
2nd 112 lbs. Dvon Harden
2nd 116 lbs. Reggie Holt
3rd 125 lbs. Max Dearing
1st 145 lbs. Jack Davis
2nd 165 lbs. Cha'Ron Thompson
2nd 199 lbs. Trevor Moss
1st HWT Payton Hogan

 ...To Rachael Kirschenmann for winning FIRST Place at the Metro History Day competition and will compete at State History Competition. Rachael's exhibit is entitled: "Ben Kuroki: Compromise to Face Conflict."

...To Nathan Kellogg for placing 4th in Nebraska's State Math Counts Competition! Nathan will represent Nebraska, OPS, and McMillan at the National Math Counts Competition on May 9.

...To Brian Hanzlik-Stuart, Kaylehn Hoffman, Jazmine Jackson, Mariah Jones, Brevan Jorgenson, Kywana Mumphrey, and Ja'Quez Haerrod for being named the PTSA's Star Students for February!

...To the Mathletes for the following top finishers at an OPS Monthly Middle School Math Competition held at Buffett!

Written Test 2nd Place Eric Anderson, Doug Rowen, Austin Schmidt, Giselle Tran
Written Test 3rd Place Michael Blazek, Matthew Dean, Drew Dinsmore, Nathan Kellogg
Quiz Bowl 2nd Place Michael Blazek, Matthew Dean, Drew Dinsmore, Nathan Kellogg
Quiz Bowl 3rd Place Eric Anderson, Doug Rowen, Austin Schmidt, Giselle Tran
Written Test 1st Place Zach Bram, Kyle Dean, Nick Dorner, Drew Hackett
Quiz Bowl 1st Place Zach Bram, Kyle Dean, Nick Dorner, Drew Hackett

 ...McMillan has received a Safe Routes to School grant from the Nebraska Department of Roads! To read the article in the Omaha World-Herald, click here. 


...To the Science Olympians who placed in their events!





Ecology 6th Ashley Fast Horse Sabrina DeSandro
Tower Building 4th Wyatt Waskowiak Drew Dinsmore
Simple Machines 3rd Wyatt Waskowiak Taylor Parkinson
Simple Machines 4th Nichole Wicken AnneMarie Abisset
Road Scholar 5th Michael Blazek Weston Denman
Robo Cross 1st Drew Dinsmore Texan Tonje
Science Crime Busters 6th Austin Mead Nicholas Webster
Food Science 5th Samantha Robb Kaitlyn Tonack
Food Science 6th Sabrina DeSandro Ashley Fast Horse
Balloon Launch Glider 6th Asher Lewis Cha Moua
Oceanography 1st Christine Anderson Maddie Healey
Oceanography 6th Reynaldo Reyes  
Metric Mastery 6th Weston Denman Michael Blazek
Science Word 6th Chandler Hunter Fred Cooperwood

...To the Science Olympiad teams who competed in OPS's Science Olympiad! 

AnneMarie Abisset Michael Blazek Brooklyn Christianson Fred Cooperwood
Weston Denman Sabrina DeSandro Ashley Fast Horse Carlos Hernandez
Chandler Hunter Asher Lewis M'rcy Matsunami Austin Mead
Cha Moua Reynaldo Reyes Nicholas Webster Nichole Wicken
Lindsey Aflague Christine Anderson Justin Black Drew Dinsmore
Leigh Gustafson Maddy Healey Mady Kenny Miranda Lorenzen
Taylor Parkinson Jaclyn Rentschler Samantha Robb Eric Sanchez-Delgado
Kaitlyn Tonack Texan Tonje Wyatt Waskowiak Tyler Wolterman

...To eighth grader Nathan Kellogg for placing 2nd out of 236 competitors in the Math Counts Chapter Competition! Nathan will compete at State. Good Luck!

...To Mathletes Eric Anderson, Kyle Dean, Doug Rowan, and Austin Schmidt! These students competed individually in the Math Counts Chapter Competition!

...To Math Counts team of: Matthew Dean, Drew Dinsmore, Nathan Kellogg, and Giselle Tran! The team placed 11th out of 37!

 ...To PTSA's Star Students: Korby Harter, Kaylehn Hoffman, Emily Jensen, Carolina Malavasi, and Jose' Martinez!

...To the 8th Grade Boys' Swimming Team for taking third place at the City Meet!  

1st Place Jacob Robinson 100 Backstroke
1st Place Alex Williams 100 Breaststroke

...To the 7th Grade Boys' Swimming Team for taking first place at the City Meet!

1st Place Alex Plambeck 200 Freestyle
1st Place Alex Plambeck 100 Individual Medley
1st Place

Alex Plambeck
Brett Craig
Cooper Loth
Evan White

200 Freestyle Relay
2nd Place Evan White 100 Freestyle
2nd Place Brett Craig 200 Freestyle
3rd Place Cooper Loth 50 Freestyle
3rd Place Cooper Loth 50 Breaststroke

...To the Bridge Club for rocking the Winter Bridge Tournament! Our Bridge Club competed internationally with the following results:

2nd Place Doug Rowen Zach Bram
3rd Place Ciara McClarty Wyatt Waskowiak
4th Place Austin Schmidt Alex Plambeck
5th Place Steve Rose Kaitlyn Tonack

...To the following students for participating in All-City Music!

Josie Bircher Lindi Walter
Chandler Hunter Andrea Vieth
RiLee Cross Anne-Marie Abisset
Breanna Stevens Jayde Balentine
Danielle Ishii Giselle Tran
Zach Bram Chrissy Dammann
Rachael Kirschenmann Anthony Marinella
Sheree Haynie Kerica Santee
Maggie Peterson Cal Butler
Cameron Jackson Kaitlyn Harter
Garrett Howard Jacob Robinson
Cortez Pinkney Eric Sterling
Dakota Ghegan Beth Hubbell
Danielle Dye Trever Christensen

...To Nathan Kellogg, Alex Plambeck, Emmy Jo Lea, and Evan Berry for placing 1st through 4th, respectively, in McMillan's Annual Geography Bee!

...To Kevin Lust, Josie Bircher, and Sara Rechtenbach for placing in the TOP 3 in the Regional Spelling Bee!   

...To Kevin Lust, Josie Bircher, Sara Rechtenbach, Sheree Haynie, Garrett Howard, Nathan Kellogg, Rachael Kirschenmann, Jalil Patten, Giselle Tran, JaQuan Washington, and Cameron Wiegand for regally representing McMillan at the Regional Spelling Bee!

...To Miller Park/Minne Lusa Teens who continue to work to make their neighborhood a better place for everyone! Click here to see their video.  

...To every student who earned a spot on a 2nd Quarter Honor Roll and 100% Effort Club!

...To Nathan Kellogg for winning McMillan's Geography Bee!  Alex Plambeck was runner up; followed by Evan Berry and Emmy Joe Lea tied for third place.

 ...To the entire school community for executing the perfect Hat Trick (hockey, anyone?)! The Together We Succeed Family Night, Magnet Open House, and Drama Performance were all exemplary events!

...To the Engineering Department for receiving a $1,000 gift from the engineering firm !



  • ...To all the students who made an Honor Roll or 100% Effort Club!
  • ...To the students who represent McMillan at a meeting with the Nebraska Department of Roads:
    Mady Kenny
    Alex Plambeck
    Gabrielle Jones
  • ...To the students and Mrs. Premer, Mrs. Temple, Mr. Jelken, Mr. Meyer,  who volunteered at the Magnet Fair:
    Alex Plambeck

    Rosa Salazar

    Payton Hogan
  • ...To the Jazz Band members and Mrs. Erickson who performed at the Magnet Fair:
    James McMillon     Rachael Kirschenmann
    BJ Yates     Evan White
    Alyssa Mount     Eric Sterling
    Sarah Almaguer     Briana Simusa
    Liz Winkler     Dakota Ghegan
    Cal Butler     Chandler Hunter
    Garrett Howard     Chrissy Dammann
    Ashton Watson-Jones     Andrea Vieth
    Jake Robinson     Catherine Aulph
          Lindi Walter
  • ...To the Drama students and Mr. Gellatly who performed at the Magnet Fair:
    Anne-Marie Abisset     Sara Rechtenbach
    Brooklyn Christenson     Machalene Johnson
    Bobby Holliday     Max Dearing
    Tyler Wolterman     Bryan Hackman
    Jayde Balentine     Asher Lewis
    Anthony Marinella      
  • ...To the students, Mr. Jelken, Mr. Kocsis, Ms. Kirschbaum, Mrs. Kathka, Mrs. Premer, Ms. Maciejewski, and Mr. Benak who led tours for 6th grade students before the 6th Grade Math Contest:

Josie Bircher     Macy Mitchell
Trent Bostwick     Maggie Peterson
Cal Butler     Samantha Robb
Chandan Grayson-Pattan     Jake Robinson
Sheree Haynie     Lindi Walter
Rachael Kirschenmann     Jake Williams
Anthony Marinella     KeiYana Thomas
Jazmine Jackson      

  • ...The Math Club, Ms. Colton, Ms. Mattson, Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Premer, Mrs. Preston, and Ms. Madsen who hosted the 6th Grade Math Contest:
    Eric Anderson     Mady Kenny
    Aaron Bell     Brandon McQuinn
    Zach Bram     Jamesha Mitchell
    Michael Blazek     Cha Moua
    Josie Bircher     Kao Moua
    Kyle Dean     Rob Phillips
    Matthew Dean     Doug Rowen
    Drew Dinsmore     Austin Schmidt
    Nick Dorner     Giselle Tran
    Ashley Frolio     Andrea Vieth
    Leigh Gustafson     Jonathon Williams
    Nathan Kellogg      
  • ...Boys' Basketball Team, Mr. Mayberger, and Mr. Reimer; winners of the Saturday Tournament!
    Aarion Jenkins     JaQuez Sherrod
    Marquise Collins     Cha'Ron Thompson
    Bobby La'ge     Trevor Moss
    BJ Turner     Zak Ruei
    Darian Barrientos-Jackson   Laird Williams
    Jordan Thomas     Lee Martin
    Quentin Jimerson     Davon Stennis
    Jaques Gatewood     Dwayne Barfield
    Jake Robinson     Markee Ballard
    Delano Perry     Payton Hogan
  • ...The Girls' Swim Team and Mrs. Parfitt!

Rajee Augustine     Josie Bircher
Adrianna Beck     Sabrina DeSandro
Carlisa Cunningham     Andera Fletcher
Danielle Dye     Maddy Healey
Makocia Ellis     Mady Kenny
Jamie Glessman     Rachael Kirschenmann
Morgaine Hatcher     Rikki Randall
Samantha Huot     Sara Rcechtenbach
EmmaJoe Lea     Lindi Walter
Carolina Malavasi     Katie Randall
Xochitl Pliego     Crissy Dammann

  • ...The YVC, Ms. Stevens, and Mrs. Castanos for all their good deeds!

Breanna Stevens     Samee Callahan
Chandler Hunter     Sarah Almaguer
Jaclyn Rentschler     Taichee Lott
Jordon Burt     Christine Anderson
Mady Kenny     Jessica White
Ashley Frolio     Kamrya White
Brandon Frolio     Kamrya Ndango
D'Quann Knight     Lizzie Forrest
Jayde Balentine     Merari Corona
Kaitlyn Tonack     Nichole Wicken
Michalene Johnsen     Samantha Robb
Michelle Kiger      

  • ...To the Chess Club and Mr. Walter who competed in the Central Chess Tournament! Weston Denman placed 4th!

Weston Denman     Loren Ransome
Jordan Smith     Nigel Phillips
Aaron DeGraff     JaQuan Washington

  • ...To October's PTSA Star Students!

Anne-Marie Abisset     Carolina Malavasi
RiLee Cross     Lucio Martinez
Luis Hernandez     Aaron Riley

  • ...To the following students who earned teacher recommendations!

Amanda Gifford
Carolina Malavasi
Curtis Robey
Danielle Dye


Cross Country City Final Results:
Texan Tonje - 8th grade; 3rd Place
Evan White - 7th grade; 10th Place

    • United Way summer volunteers

      Maggie Peterson
      Samantha Robb
      Kaitlyn Tonack
  • NJHS members who volunteered during Open House
    Anthony Marinella Matthew Dean
    Sabrina DeSandro Josie Bircher
    Samantha Robb Brooklyn Christianson
    Sheree Haynie Jayde Balentine
    Lindi Walter Rachel Kirschenmann
    Mady Kenny  


Emanuel Acosta Quentin Allen LaMontrelle Ashley
Darrien Barrientos Aaron Bell Evan Berry
Gamar Chuols Devonte Curtis Matt Dean
Weston Denman Darrian Dillow Markus Dupree
Nick Fly Paul Gargarella Garrett Howard
John Harley TaVonte' Harris Payton Hogan
Robert Holiday Max Honig Bobbi Keithly
Roman Long Cooper Loth Lee Martin
Austin Mead Trevor Moss Jesse Nelson
Taylor Nickel Josh Nord Evan Olson
Abbott Ortega David Perry  Daryesse Pond
 Odeseo Ramirez  Jake Robinson  Steven Rose
 Doug Rowen  Nyakhor Ruach  Beny Ruei
 Ja'Quez Sherrod  Dakota Sparks  Davon Stennis
 Cha'Ron Thompson  Harrison Turone  Nick Webster
Wyatt Waskowiak Dreyton Wells Jonathan Williams
Preston Woodall    

  • Taylor Parkinson earned a PRIDE shirt because he chose to volunteer at the Benson Branch of the Omaha Public Library over the summer!
  • The Cross Country team and Mr. Benak earned shirts for having the best endurance in the school!
    Jamie Glessman Morgaine Hatcher
    Joe Jamrozy Rachel Kirschenmann
    Texan Tonje Evan White
  • The Volleyball team, Mrs. Preston, and Mrs. Price earned shirts for passing, setting, and spiking with PRIDE!
    Rajee Augustine Adrianna Beck Josie Bircher
    Akia Brown Samantha Carter Brooklyn Christianson
    Sabrina DeSandro Ashley Fast Horse Rayona Frazier
    Ashley Frolio Emily Jensen Alyssa Kurcz
    Taylor Lyytikainen Lacionna McDougald Paige Muhammad
    Kamyra Ndango Maggie Peterson Attiana Rager
    Kalesha Rice Samantha Robb Baileigh Shannon
    Breanna Stevens Chelsea Wagner Lindi Walter
    Nichole Wicken    
  • These 8th grade students are the first recipients of the PRIDE shirt. They volunteered 14 hours each this past June to provide leadership and friendship to incoming 7th graders during Jump Start Camp!

Mike Blazek Shalonda Burkhalter
Merari Corona Matt Dean
Leigh Gustafson Chandler Hunter
Wyatt Waskowiak Jake Williams


  • The Mathletes rocked the North High Math Contest! Individual Medalists: Giselle Tran - 1st Place, 7th Grade; Nathan Kellogg - 1st Place, 8th Grade. Giselle Tran, Austin Schmidt, Doug Rowen - 1st Place Team Round and 1st Place Quiz Bowl. Nathan Kellogg, Drew Dinsmore, Matt Dean, Mady Kenny - 2nd Place Team Round and 1st Place Quiz Bowl. Overall Competition: 7th Grade Team - 1st Place; 8th Grade Team - 2nd Place.
  • The following Engineering/Architecture students and Mr. Mayberger volunteered during UNO's Service Learning campaign with North High to beautify Malcolm X's birthsite in North Omaha.

      Justice Allgood Joe Jamrozy
      Jordan Burt Emily Jensen
      Cody Burton Renita Johnson
      McKenzie Cook Brevan Jorgenson
      Justin DeLeRosa Joshua Moore
      Priee Edmonson Paige Muhammed
      Dustin Gathje Taylor Nickell
      Tomus Hill Katie Randall
      Jake Hinrichs Briana Simusa
      Reggie Holt Liz Winkler


  •  Congrats to the Monarch Mathletes Algebra Team 1 for competing in the Middle School Math Contest at Bryan Middle and winning 1st place in the Team Contest and Quiz Bowl. The team consists of 8th grade students Nathan Kellogg, Kendra Hurley, Drew Dinsmore, and Matthew Dean.


  • Thanks Ms. Vickers and Ms. Balentine for helping the following National Junior Honors Society members participate in Keep Omaha Beautiful by cleaning up school grounds.

    Luz Tapia Sheree Haynie
    Rachael Kirschenmann Asher Lewis
    Chandan Grayson-Patton Cal Butler
    Matthew Dean Leigh Gustafson
    Jaclyn Rentschler Brooklyn Christianson
    Jayde Balentine Crystal Ishii
    Samantha Robb Sabrina DeSandro


McMillan is now a Project Lead the Way School of Excellence! Congratulations to Mr. Mayberger, Mr. Jelken, and every student in a PLTW class! Click Here. 

  • Ms. Washington and the Spirit Squad keep the Monarchs going!

Kaitlyn Harter Shalonda Burkhalter
Santana Whiteley Renita Wright
Caitlyn Baker Toviarre Collins
JimNeshia Miller Kamara Avant
Kayla Clarkson Macy Mitchell
Mariah Haynie Elizabeth Hubbell
Alexis Franklin Chasidy Kirksey
Kibra Watts Jazmine Jackson
Breanna Collins Jordyn Jackson
Kyntesha Reeves Jasmine Kent

  • Mrs. Arbuckle and Sheree Haynie, Bobbi Keithly, and Cassie Neville for delivering newspapers to keep everyone 'in the know!'
  • Mr. Meyer and the football Chain Crew for keeping track of down and distance at each home football game!

Akilla Arno
Brevan Jorgensen
Evan White
Robbie Gilbert
Damian Wilson
Sarah Myers
Briana Simusa

  • Omaha Public Library volunteer, Rachel Kirschenmann!

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