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CREATED Mar. 20, 2014

Omaha, NE -- McMillan's Music Technology Class goes far beyond sheet music. It's hands on and high tech. It's one of Kaysi Humphrey's favorite classes. The eighth grader hopes to one day be in music or maybe a print journalist. Quietly behind those dreams, her mentor, Tracy Wells. "It's fun, a great opportunity to get to know somebody and really have a special relationship start," said Wells.

Wells helps head up Partnership 4 Kids, a program that puts adult volunteers with young students in the Omaha school district. This year the program celebrates 25 years. "Mentoring is about relationships and quality relationships and I don't think there's a change in that," said Wells. But what has changed, the students. They're now confident and connected.

Jeaneen Talbott is the school's principal. She has seen the program work for students like Kaysi. "Her work ethic is top notch and I know that's through some of the support systems that she receives," said Talbott. The students are encouraged to dream, pursue education, respect others and open up.

"I think it'd be a little harder because a mentor is someone who can guide you and help you through things and if you didn't have that person it'd be a lot harder," said Humphrey. Last year Partnership 4 Kids mentored more than 4,000 students, subtly keeping kids in tune with what they want in life while making friends and keeping a mentor along the way.

"Maybe, just maybe along the way you might find something that sparks a huge interest," said Wells. "Something that you're really excited about. A direction you might want to go in life. Wouldn't that be neat." For more information on Partnership 4 Kids, click here. 

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