Hello, from YOUR McMillan PTO!


We are a small (but mighty!) team looking to include ALL McMillan families to support our mission of supporting the school.  Our former principal, Dr. Talbott, would always say, “Take care of your teachers, because the teachers take care of your kids.”   There just isn’t a better reason to support the PTO!  


If you are shy about getting involved, don’t worry.  Get in touch with us and let us know how much time you have, your talents and interests, and we will find the perfect place for you.  Or just come to a meeting and be more in-the-know about your child’s education. 


In a nutshell, the purpose of the PTO is to support the teachers and staff at McMillan.  There aren’t any funds from OPS -- zero, zip, zilch, nada -- for things like food during those long days of Parent Teacher Conferences.  


The McMillan PTO pulls together and organizes small donations from many homes, so that together, we can have a BIG impact.  


Here are a few of our goals:  

  • continue the tradition of feeding and caring for our teachers and staff during conferences and at the holidays.
  • keep selling concessions at school events
  • maintain fundraising to provide support and perks for the teachers, and rewards for Students and Teachers of the Month, Quarter and Year, and MUCH MORE!

I know, with YOUR support, we will have a great year!  Please contact the PTO at with any questions or suggestions about how you can help us, or how WE can help YOU!

Amanda Long and Lex Morrison, 2020-2021 PTO Presidents 


Our annual, direct-donation fundraising campaign, McMillan Matters, has a goal of raising $3,600 this year.  With 800 families at McMillan, that is a little less than $5 per family -- we can do this!

Our $3,600 goal will cover ALL the PTO's activities, including:

  • Providing 'Welcome Back' Breakfasts for Staff
  • Awarding 'Student of the Month' Prizes
  • Recognizing Teachers of the Quarter with gift cards
  • Catering lunches during Conferences for Staff
  • Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Contributing to college scholarship fund for a McMillan alum


Our campaign will kick off when school starts.  Of course, we will accept donations any time of year!


Suggested donation levels:

  • $5 - One family's share
  • $10 - Student of the Month prize bag
  • $20 - Teacher of the Quarter Gift 
  • $50 - Teacher of the Year gift
  • $100+ - Helps with MANY activities


How to donate:

  • Cash or check

Send your check or money order made out to McMillan PTO in an envelope with your child’s name on it. 

Your student can turn it in to their pride teacher.

  • Online

Visit the Omaha Public Schools Foundation website at

OPSF absorbs the credit card fees, so McMillan gets 100% of your donation!

Many, many thanks in advance.  


Your donation matters, because your kids matter.  





These are ways you can contribute to McMillan, without spending an extra dime of your own money!



When you scan your Baker’s card during checkout, Baker’s will contribute a portion of your purchase to McMillan.

To enroll, visit the Baker’s Community Rewards webpage, and search for either one of the following: 

  • Organization Name: MC MILLAN MAGNET MIDDLE SCHOOL (with a space between Mc and Millan)
  • Organization Number: BD872

TAGG: Together A Greater Good

TAGG is an app that connects generous local businesses to organizations like our McMillan PTO.  Businesses like HyVee, eCreamery, Classic Window and Gutter Cleaning, Big Mama’s Kitchen, Parlour 1887, and literally DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of other Omaha businesses!  You can see the full list on their website.  


As a supporter of McMillan, all you need to do is:

  • Download the app.
  • Select McMillan (with a space between MC and Millan) Magnet Middle School PTO
  • Use the app to take a photo of your receipt


TAGG does the rest!  Once they get your receipt, the business will donate 5% of your bill to McMillan Magnet Middle School!



There are some new changes with Box Tops…  There are now TWO WAYS to turn them in!

  1. Clip them off the package, and send them to school as you have always done.
  2. Scan your receipt with the new Box Tops for Education App!  See the Box Tops for Education website for more information and to download the app.




The Assistant Principal will email PTO events and needs to all McMillan families.  Read these emails and volunteer!


You can also e-mail us if you want to get involved,  And THANK YOU for your support!


There are so many ways to be involved with the PTO throughout the year.  

Even the smallest donation of time can make a huge difference!  


You can participate by:

  • attending any of the quarterly PTO meetings 
  • donating food items for Teacher Appreciation Week and conference meals
  • donating gift cards for Students of the Month and Year, Teachers of the Quarter and Year
  • volunteering to help at select school events
  • donating items for bake sales


Do you have a special talent to share?  (Of course you do!) Please let us know!

Are you…

  • a DJ that could volunteer at a school event?  
  • someone who is crafty and could help us make gifts for the teachers and staff?  
  • do you own a business that could donate a service or items for our events?
  • someone who works in catering or food service that could help us with serving and presentation for lunches for the teachers during Conferences?


To see any active Sign-Up Geniuses, click here.  You can search by the creator’s e-mail address, which is


Whether you are able to donate a lot of time or just a little, it all makes a difference and makes our McMillan community stronger!  


Get Involved!  

E-mail us at



Get a one page PRINTABLE list of PTO involved events here!


We know how busy people are, and frankly, coming to a meeting where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating.  Please know that the PTO is just a bunch of regular folks who care about their kids.  Just like you.  You already have something in common.  :)


Meetings (in bold) are held quarterly at 6:30pm on Zoom or in the McMillan Library.



Meeting / Event

Minutes / Sign-Up

Aug 4

“Welcome Back” Breakfast for McMillan Staff


Aug 6

Back-to-School Night -- Fundraising Kick-off!

Sign-Up to help!

Aug 24

PTO Meeting - Planning for the year!


Oct 5

PTO Meeting - Conference Lunches, Fundraising, Concessions for Robotics and Quiz Bowl, Holiday Party for Staff, Student Recognitions etc


Oct 22

Serve Lunch to Teachers during Conferences


Dec 7

PTO gives Holiday Party to McMillan Staff


Jan 11

PTO Meeting - Family Events, Conferences, High School Registration, Officers for next year, Concessions, Fundraising etc.


Jan 4

“Welcome Back” Breakfast for McMillan Staff


March 25

Serve Lunch to Teachers during Conferences


April 5

PTO Meeting - Vote in new officers!  Budget for 21-22, Year End Carnival

Here is a LINK or use the URL below.

Meeting ID: 904 914 0551

Passcode: 868180


May 3-7

Teacher Appreciation Week -- PTO gives lots of treats, meals and love to McMillan Staff


May 26

Year End Carnival - last day of school



Get a PRINTABLE list of PTO involved events here!


But of course, this isn’t ALL we do!  There will also be many opportunities to help out with the concession sales at many sporting and academic events.  How will you know when they are?  Watch for PTO Emails from Vice Principal Langford and watch McMillan’s Social Media Pages.

2020-2021 McMillan PTO
Officers and Committee Chairs


General PTO E-Mail:


PTO Reimbursement Form 






Amanda Long & Lex Morrison

Vice President

Karla Benton


Dee Nincehelser


PTO Reimbursement Form 

Scott Gillispie 

McMillan Principal

Dr. Monica Green

PTO Guru Chair

Kelly Arbuckle

Fundraising Chair

Sara Rogers 

Concessions Chair

Raquel Ahlvers

Special Projects Chair

Michelle Kehr

PTO Reimbursement Form



All 2020-21 Board Positions are filled!


July 2020 McMillan Beautification Day brought students, families and staff together to trim, weed, plant and make the school an inviting and beautiful place for our children!