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Music Technology Course Objectives

The Music Technology Workshop will introduce students to the use of computer technology and electronic music instruments and software programs.  This technology may be incorporated into the normal activities of musicians:  writing musical scores; recording musical works;  creating new compositions; developing background practice tracks; mixing digital audio in preparation for the production of a cassette or CD.

COURSE GOALS:           

The student will gain knowledge and skill in the use of computers, electronic musical instruments, and music software to perform, notate and record musical works.


The student will experience, discover, explore and create music using both electronic and acoustic instruments and voices.   Student projects will culminate in the preparation of student compositions and arrangements.


Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

Correctly set up an electronic music/MIDI work station using a computer and keyboard

Knowledgeably use electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers, digital pianos, General MIDI audio cards, drum machines and digital samplers

Record electronic musical instruments using a computer and sequencing software

Using digital audio recording software create a studio recording of an original student composition.

Create a musical accompaniment, play-along or practice track using interactive software

Create a musical lead sheet and score using notational software