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UNIT 10; Circles

In this unit we will learn all of the properties associated with circles and the lines (and line segments) that may intersect these circles. All circles are similar and therefore are governed by a common ratio. Resultant from this is an intrinsic bond between circles and right triangles.  Circles can also be identified by an equation.

Lesson 1: 10-1 {Circles & Circumference}

Lesson 2:  10-2 {Measuring Angles and Arcs}

Lesson 3: 10-3 {Arcs & Chords}

Lesson 4: 10-4 {Inscribed Angles}

Lesson 5: 10-5 {Tangents}


Lesson 6: 10-7 {Special Segments in a Circle}

Lesson 7: 10-8 {Equations of Circles}

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