City Park

Your company has been contracted to design a new city park on a tract of land.  The city counil has defined the specific requirements.  You need to draw your final proposal (birds eye view), along with an individual side view of each shape (3-D view), and all the calculated answers.  You must show all work!  Leave all calculations in terms of pi (if necessary).

The park must contain (General):
-One rectangular swimming pool
-One circular koi pond
-One triangular sandbox
-Two flower gardens (compound shapes)
-Two Sculptures (polyhedron)

The park must contain (Specific):
Swimming Pool
-Pool will be rectangular in shape, with a minimum area of 450 square feet.
-The pool has a shallow end that starts 1 ft deep and extends all the way to the deep end of 12ft.
-Give the surface area and volume of the pool.  Make sure to include a side view of the pool underwater to show how the depth changes.

Koi Pond
-Pond will be circular in shape, 2.75 ft deep.
-The report must contain the surface area for building supplies, and volume of water.
-The pond has a cover for the winter.  Find the area of the cover.

-Sandbox will be shaped as an isosceles triangle.  The sandbox must be 24in deep and the altitude of the triangle must be no less than 10 ft. 
-The sand box is made of wood sunk into the ground, then filled with sand.  Give the dimensions of the sand box, the surface area, and the volume.

Flower Gardens
-Create two flower gardens, both of them a compound shape.
-One flower garden should be surrounding a sculpture you previously created.
-Find the area and perimeter of each flower garden.

-Create 2 sculptures, choose from the following shapes:  oblique prism, sphere, pyramid.
-Minimum volume of 30 cubic feet for each.
-Give the surface area and volume of your sculpture.  

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