Truth in Advertising

Every day, we encounter advertisements in the form of commercials, pop-up windows, and billboards, that are used to promote products or services.  Whether clearly stated or implied, these advertisements are meant to relay specific marketing messages to potential customers.  

In this project, you will work as a creative directer hired to analyze an existing marketing message for a product or service.  You will also develop your own marketing message for that product or service.  

What you will be doing:
1.) Research a career as a creative director.  Explore some of the aspects of the career such as job functions, required education, and potential earnings.  Research and apply how this career field uses mathematics - especially geometry.  
2.) Select an advertisement for a product or service that you like.  The advertisement can e any medium (print, video)
3.) Analyze the marketing message in the advertisement you chose.  What is the message?  Who is the target?  Is the message effective?  Cow can the message be written as a conditional statement?  
4.) Create a proposal for a new marketing message.  Include the message and a summary of the factors that influenced the creation of your marketing message.

What you are graded on: 
-An advertisement is provided and analyzed for effectiveness.
-The marketing message is written as a conditional statement in if-then form.
-The converse, inverse, and contrapositive, of the conditional statement are written and are correctly labeled.  
-The truth value for each of the four statements is determined and a brief explanation is included.  False statements include a counterexample.
-A proposal for a new marketing message is developed that includes each of the following: an illustration, an appropriate marketing message, and a summary.

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