For the Birds

Professional carpenters construct objects such as buildings and furniture from wood and other materials.  Amateur carpenters enjoy constructing projects like birdhouses, furniture, and decorative items.  In order to ensure that their work is structurally sound, carpenters must carefully follow drawings and specifications.  The use tools to ensure that their measurements are precise.  

In this project, you will work as a carpenter to design and build a birdhouse.  

What you will be doing:
1.) Research a career as a carpenter. Explore some of the aspects of the career such 
as job functions, required education, and potential earnings. Research the types of tools that carpenters use to measure, cut, and assemble their  pieces. Research birdhouses and birdhouse designs, including sizes, proportions, and materials.  How is geometry used?
2.) Think of possible designs and the materials and tools you may need to build the birdhouse. 

3.) Using the Birdhouse Guidelines, design and build a birdhouse using materials that you consider appropriate. 

What you will be graded on:
-A sketch of the birdhouse design is provided. The sketch shows the parallel and perpendicular relationships between the planes of the 
-Birdhouse is well constructed. One or more pairs of planes comprising the birdhouse are either parallel or perpendicular. 
-A description of the methods used to confirm the parallel or perpendicular relationships between the planes of the birdhouse is 
-Angle relationships are provided and described.  

No Assessments