Scale Drawing

Any item that ever made it to a shelf in a store, the lot of a dealership, or a page of a Web site was more than likely first represented by a prototype or scale model. Scale models can be used in the development process to analyze and test the design and functionality of items. Scale models give developers the chance to 
identify flaws before an item is mass produced. 
In this project, you will work as a freelance model maker to create a scale model for a product. 

What you will be doing:
1.) Research scale models. What materials are used to create scale models? What are some uses for scale models other than to represent products? Are there instances when scale models are built larger than the object that they represent?
2.) Choose an existing product that you perceive to have a flaw, either in its design or functionality, for which to build a scale model. 
3.) Create a scale drawing of the product you chose according to the model guidelines. 
4.) Analyze the scale model. What characteristics of the actual product are easy to embody using the scale model? What characteristics of the actual product are difficult to embody using the scale model?

How you will be graded:
-A description of the product that you selected is provided that includes
-An appropriate scale is provided.
-A scale drawing of the product is provided that includes at least three 
views (choose from top, bottom, side, front, and back views).
-A scale model is provided.
-A brief analysis of the scale model is provided that includes the 
characteristics of the product.

No Assessments