Mrs. Niemiec

The Sprouse twins enjoy a good book before heading back to the set.


About Mrs. Niemiec

  Mrs. Niemiec has a B.A. in Middle School Education with endorsements in Social Studies and Language Arts. She also has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in SS and LA and her Masters in Supervision and Admin. Mrs. Niemiec currently teaches 7th grade Language Arts and Honors Language Arts.

Mrs. Niemiec's Expectations

Mrs. Niemiec is excited to start the new school year off and to create a warm learning environment for her incoming 7th graders.  Mrs. Niemiec's is also excited to be teaming with Mrs. Hutchins.  Mrs. Niemiec's also co-teaches with Mrs. Wallman. Mrs. Niemiec wants all Language Arts students to grow in their grammar and writing abilities. In addition to this, Mrs. Niemiec's sponsors the Book Blaster club, leads the literacy department, and is seen at numerous sporting events to cheer on her students. Two Websites Mrs. Niemiecs would like parents to visit are Helping Your Teenager to Write Better and Modeling Good Reading Habits with Teens.

Refer to Syllabus for additional information. 

Female athletes read books in their spare time.