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Each day participation points will be accumulated on the basis of on-time class attendance, classroom interaction, appropriate use of time, participation, and necessary supplies.
Attendance is one of the most important factors of success in school. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to get work and assignments that you missed for any reason. Normally, you will be given two days to make up work for one day absent from school.
01 Demonstrate understanding of the nature and operation of technology and proficiency in its use
02 Demonstrate responsible use of technology systems, information and software
03 Use technology resources for communicating, problem solving and making informed decisions
04 Use technologies to locate, review and collect information from a variety of sources
This course was developed to better prepare you for your future experiences from writing papers to communicating with the world. Students will learn proper typing techniques and posture.

This Computer Applications Level I / Keyboarding course provides the proper techniques for the effective and efficient operation of the keyboard. Students will be able to complete a minimum of 15 words per minute (wpm) with 90% accuracy. Students will explore and create word processing, spreadsheet and powerpoint documents. Students will get a first-hand look at computer hardware. Desktop publishing, presentations, proper use/ethics of the Internet and e-mail will be introduced.

Your grade will be a combination of several items. You are expected to bring with you to class every day your assignment notebook, pencil and completed homework assignments. Your grade will include the following:

Timings for the class
Quizzes and Tests
Daily class activities
Posture and technique
Citizenship and Attendance

Keep all forms of electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, CD players, etc.) out of the classroom. They cause a disruption to the learning environment to everyone in the class. Electronic devices will be confiscated.
Students are expected to follow all computer behavior rules for students using computers and network (see other side). Abuse of the computer in any class can result in computer privilege loss throughout the entire building.

Students are expected and required to be in their assigned seat, ready for class to begin at the time the tardy bell rings. In addition to the policy, participation points will also be lost in the event of any unexcused tardy.

1st - Student - conference with the student
2nd - Detention and write tardy policy 5 times
3rd - Detention and write tardy policy 15 times
4th - Call to parent
5th - Maybe referred to administrator or counselor for corrective measures

Food and drink is not permitted in computer labs. Absolutely no gum, candy, sunflower seeds in class. Please refrain from eating and drinking in this room. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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