Ms. Preston

L.L. Cool J is cool enough to read. Are you?


About Ms. Preston

Ms. Preston has a B.S. in Education and is currently working on her M.A. in Math.  She teaches 7th grade Enrichment as well as 7th grade Intervention reading classes.  Ms. Preston can be found at McMillan athletic events cheering the players on or in her room after school helping students who need some one on one time.

Ms. Preston's Expectations

Ms. Preston expects students to read for two hours every two weeks and to turn their signed reading log in to her every other week.   Ms. Preston is excited to start the new year off with high expectations and building a strong learning environment.  Students will begin working on predicting, summarizing, clarifying, and questioning skills and will be moving on to reading both non-fiction and fiction by the end of the first semester where the focus will be story elements such as plot, character, setting, conflict, and theme.  The focus for second semester is literary elements such as idioms, irony, symbolism, oxymoron, and hyperbole as well as analyzing text structure and text features.  Students should always practice their vocabulary words, the Acuity at home, their Achieve 3000, and silent reading.  

Mary-Kate and Ashley read in between staring in movies.