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About Mrs. Rico

Mrs. Rico has a B.A. in English and Language arts, an endorsement in reading, and endorsement in English Language Learners, and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.  Mrs. Rico currently teaches two 7th grade and two 8th grade reading classes with Mrs. Mohbutter.  Mrs. Rico also teaches one 7th grade and one 8th grade class with Ms. Brandt.  On Fridays, Mrs. Rico leads the cheerleaders.

Mrs. Rico's Expectations

Mrs. Rico teaches 7th and 8th grade reading classes.  Mrs. Rico expects every 8th grade student to read a minimum of 2 hours each week and every 7th grade student to read 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This is easy to accomplish if students read for 20 minutes each night.  If students would like to earn more points, they can read for two and a half or more hours each week.  The signed reading log is due the first day of each week. Vocabulary lists are available on paper as well as online: 8th grade Intervention word list.  7th grade word list. Additional reading practice is available on Angel.  Here is the syllabus for Mrs. Rico's reading class. 
The focus for 8th grade during the first semester will be Text Structure and critical thinking.  The focus for the second semester is literary elements such as symbolism, irony, idioms, oxymoron, and hyperbole.  Mrs. Rico will also focus on Text Features such as graphs and charts and how to read a variety of texts. 
The focus for 7th grade will be predicting, questioning, summarizing, and clarifying as well as Story elements such as plot, character, conflict, setting, author's point of view, and them.  The second semester will be focused on Genre, literary elements, and text structures.

Check out these links Text Features, Text Structure, Charts and Graphs, Captions Tell a Story, Oxymoron Game 1. Oxymoron Game 2

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Students can practice their reading skills in a variety of ways:



*Angel Learning

Each of these has a link on McMillan's web page.  Students have usernames and passwords for each activity.  The instructions for acuity are located on the Reading and Language Arts page in the right column.  For Angel, students can go to my Reading class and do the Reading Practice activities under Lessons.