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About Mr. Staller

Mr. Staller has a B.A. in English and Language Arts.  Mr. Staller just completed his M.A. in reading and is currently working on an ESL endorsement.  He currently teaches 8th grade Language Arts.  Mr. Staller has attended numerous training over the summer and is excited to put his knew knowledge to the test.  Mr. Staller can be found in his room after school or at a variety of athletic events in which he supervises.

Mr. Staller's Expectations

 Mr. Staller teaches 8th grade Language Arts.  Mr. Staller is excited to begin the year creating a supportive learning environment for his students while focusing on grammar and writing skills. Mr. Staller expects all students to try their best.  He also expects all student to read and write every day.  Mr. Staller begins the year focusing on grammar and writing skills in preparations for the state writing test.  For the second semester, Ms. Staller continues to focus on grammar and writing while incorporating reading, speaking, and listening skills.

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2014 - 2015 Class Schedule

   Teacher Schedule - First Semester
 Time  Period  Class  Room
 07:40 - 09:07   A1    
 09:11 - 09:40  Pride  
 09:44 - 11:08  A2  
 11:12 - 01:12  A3    
 01:16 - 02:40  A4    
 07:40 - 09:07  B1     
 09:11 - 09:40  Pride    
 09:44 - 11:08   B2    
 11:12 - 01:12  B3    
 01:16 - 02:40   B4