Contacting Mrs. Wallman



Ms. Wallman's Expectations

 Ms. Wallman believes that every student can learn and do great things.  Ms. Wallman has high expectations for her students.  Ms. Wallman will be teaching with Mrs. Niemiecs.  Ms. Wallman's 7th grade students focus on grammar and writing.  The 7th grade students will then begin working on short novels and answering recall questions.  They will be adding paragraph writing after that where they will write a topic sentence and include two to three detail sentences.  Sentence fluency and conventions will be the primary focus for these paragraphs.

About Ms. Wallman

 Ms. Wallman has a BS in elementary K-6 and K-8.  She has a MS in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in special education and resource K-12.  Ms. Wallman is available after school to help any student who needs help with reading or writing.  Ms. Wallman currently teaches 7th grade students.