Teachers update grades each week so please make sure to check the Parent Portal and the Student Portal for any late or missing assignments to ensure the best grades possible.

All children should read for 20 minutes each day to improve vocabulary, comprehension, and reading skills. 


Reading students work on the Fab Four each day: Predicting, Questioning, Clarifying, and Summarizing.  Throughout the year students will learn to identify story elements, distinguish between a variety of genres, understand and identify literary elements that authors use while writing, identify and actively look for different text structures/organizational patterns, as well as expanding their vocabulary throughout the year.  Students will also begin preparing for the State Reading test that takes place in April.  To improve reading comprehension, students should be doing TeenBiz at home.  All students should also be reading at home each night.

Language Arts students will work on grammar and vocabulary each day.  Students will be preparing for their state writing exams which will take place in the early spring.  Each class also reads several novels throughout the year that are selected by the teacher.  To find out what your child is reading, check on their individual teacher's page.


Reading students have a unique opportunity to improve their reading and test taking skills by using the Acuity program.  This program is specially designed to help students practice for high stakes tests.  Reading students should be practicing these outside of class as well as in class to reach the highest potential.  Students can log-in, click on Study, click on Language Arts, and complete the following:

  • Context For Vocabulary
  • Critical Analysis
  • Inferences
  • Literal Information
  • Main Idea
  • Story Elements
  • Antonyms
  • Multiple Meanings
  • Synonyms
  • Words in Context


The Institute of Academic Excellence recommends students read for 1 hour each day to gain 3 years in reading growth.  This can include reading text books, magazines, and newspapers.  Parents should ensure that their students are reading daily.  Students should be responsible to find material they enjoy and to read every day for maximum growth.